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"We have been away far too long, my friends," Ashoka declared, his face lit by the eldritch green glow of his staff. "But we have finally returned to the labyrinth whence our adventures first began."

"Just imagine the treasures that lie within," said Yun Tai, flexing his mighty muscles. "Wealth enough to live in luxury the rest of our days."

"And arcane artifacts of great power," added Ashoka his words dripping with avarice. "All ours for the taking!"

"Umm...guys?" Nysa interrupted. "Do you hear something dripping?"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cowboys and Gunslingers

I just found out, and wanted to pass on to anyone interested, that Reaper now has an old west miniatures game, Cowboys and Gunslingers, which uses the miniatures from their Chronoscope line.

Sherm Whitlock, Cowboy
Painted by Martin Jones
The game uses their Warlord fantasy rules, and Reaper has published a Cowboys and Gunslingers rule supplement with data cards, which can be downloaded free from the link above.  This is particularly cool because I imagine that this means you could mix genres and have some Sixguns & Sorcery battles because, really, who hasn't always wanted to gun down orcs with a six-shooter?

I've been meaning to give Warlord a try because I'm becoming increasingly put-off by Games Workshop and I really like Reaper's Warlord miniatures line.  Now that they seem to be producing more games using the same rule system, I've got even more incentive to try it out.


Unknown said...

While I have no time to pick up a new game, the box set would be perfect for my "Old West" fantasy campaign,as Pathfinder has a gunslinger class.

Good find!

Unknown said...
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Sean Robson said...

That sounds very cool, Matt. Is it kind of a 'Dark Tower' style campaign?