Welcome Back to the Labyrinth

"We have been away far too long, my friends," Ashoka declared, his face lit by the eldritch green glow of his staff. "But we have finally returned to the labyrinth whence our adventures first began."

"Just imagine the treasures that lie within," said Yun Tai, flexing his mighty muscles. "Wealth enough to live in luxury the rest of our days."

"And arcane artifacts of great power," added Ashoka his words dripping with avarice. "All ours for the taking!"

"Umm...guys?" Nysa interrupted. "Do you hear something dripping?"

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Postman's Hernia

I mentioned last week, that Paizo is selling off most of their Planet Stories books for $3.  Well, my shipment arrived in the mail yesterday! This ought to keep me going for a while.


Gothridge Manor said...

Looks like a haul. The Walrus and the Warwolf? No that is a title.

Dan said...


Sean Robson said...

I'm really looking forward to reading The Walrus and the Warwolf. According to the introduction by China Mieville, it features "Pirates! Monsters! Wizards! Battles! Pirates! Sex! Pirates! Misunderstood robots from a an ancient high-tech past! Really excellent monsters! Also pirates!" Sounds good to me.

I've started with Anubis Murders because I've never read any of Gary's fiction. So far I'm really enjoying it.